MYSPHERA offers us security because we know were patients are, were they come from and were they can go. It’s a releaf! Have in mind we’re the only EMR service of a city with an avarage of 255 visits a day.

Maria José Abadias

EMR Manager - Lleida Hospital -

Surgeries can be delayed or take more time than scheduled, and that means relatives asking about the patient to doctors, nurses… that is not happening now

Rosa Llopis

Information Systems - La Fe Hospital -

Relatives can download a free app and see how the patient is doing, if he’s in surgical area or being tested… And the staff can work without interruptions. We are really happy because location is really accurate

Carlos Alberto Arenas

CEO - Cieza Hospital -

We needed control of the time operating rooms were being used so we thought of MYSPHERA. The system accuracy is perfect so there’s no doubt that the time spent is the one MYSPHERA provides. We’ve been using the system for more than 4 years.

Federico Beltrán

Systems Director - CRRL Hospital -